Who, or what, is Terribly Odd?

(This bio is best experienced in your favorite vintage horror movie narrator voice.)

The year was 2005. Deep within his lair, a reclusive artist pieced together a dastardly plan: to set a brood of square-headed miscreants he called "Terribly Odd" loose on the planet! Much to his astonishment, many people offered praise for these little monsters rather than cries of disgust. They wanted ... more. Could this be? Was it possible that there was a world of peculiar patrons perfect for such an unruly lot? Strangely, the answer was yes.

Welcome to TerriblyOdd.com, friends! Here you will find wares for the weird, wacky, and wholly misunderstood spirit within us all. We encourage you to come back often and check in on us because you never know what may suddenly appear from behind the shadows, just out of sight.

The Team

Michael Reyes

Michael grew up in Florida, and spends almost as much time in Orlando as he does in South Florida where he lives. He is a lover of dark humor, classic cartoons, Disney, and mid-century design. If anxiety was a superpower, Michael would be starring in his own universe of blockbuster movies, but instead he uses his delicious talents in the kitchen to make some killer soups.

Jason Montilla

Jason is a small guy with big dreams from Coral Springs, Florida. He has lived in Orlando since the 90’s and loves it. Jason spends as much time as he can making horrible music, collecting art, watching horror movies, and keeping up with his awesome wife Bobbie. He is also the proud papa of 3 rescue dogs because nobody loves you like a pup.

Jordan Thompson

Jordan is a native of South Florida and has been making Miserable merch and screen printing since 2006. Influenced by pulp comic artwork and pop culture, his attention to detail is almost as deep as his baritone voice. He is also a lover of all things Kurt Russell, a husband, and a proud father of 1.