The Whole Miserable Story

Somewhere between adorable and abhorrent sits Terribly Odd. A playfully macabre world of mini-miscreants who will steal your heart as quickly as they steal your wallet. Originally started in 2003 as a personal project by miserable artist Michael Reyes, Terribly Odd was an attempt to enter the art world under some anonymity. Based more on graphic design than traditional artwork, the images relied on simple black and white characters pasted to painted wood backgrounds. These pieces would forgo storytelling to create a more immediate reaction in the viewer. Surprisingly, these characters were somewhat well received, and the slow rise to relative obscurity began. Today, as a husband and wife team, Terribly Odd is an art-driven lifestyle brand that mixes pop culture with a heavy dose of creepy nostalgia. We produce limited-batch merchandise inspired by the toys, tv shows, and movies of our youth. With our slightly obsessive attention to detail, we aim to create items that feel authentic to a bygone era that never existed. Kinda like the mail-in order stuff at the back of old comic books and equally as disappointing.

What is Mr. Eyes and Who is Terribly Odd?