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Mr. Eyes - The Seer Sisters LE Print Set

At the tail end of the 19th century, a spiritualist community was established in central Florida. By the 1920s, Cassadaga had become home to a number of psychic mediums, eventually earning it the name "psychic capital of the world." The Seer Sisters were a trio of siblings who lived in Cassadaga but would travel the country helping loved ones connect to the dearly departed.

Sola, the eldest. Though soft-spoken and gentle, Sola would call upon the strength of the sun to aid her in her attempt to crossover. 

Stella, the middle sibling. Quietly confident, Stella could read the lines that join stars. Delivering messages in the night sky from loved ones past. 

 Luna is the youngest sister. A kind soul, Luna found guidance in the moon's light to retrieve spirits lost in the world. 

Print set consists of 3, 5x7" prints on heavyweight 32pt card stock. Set comes packaged in a themed envelope.

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